Summer Greens – Week of July 12th

Mouth watering basil

With all this basil, I am sure there is some fresh pesto around! North East Ohio boasts some of the most magnificent array of greens I have had the privilege to see from around the world. Summer is a glorious month of lush shades of green. If you are walking around your neighborhood or farm, driving to work, enjoying the beach – take a look around and count the number of greens you see. And we haven’t even started on the edible greens!

Join us, this WEDNESDAY (a switch from our usual) at 7pm with Ashtabula County Master Gardener – Linda Dole! Linda will be sharing insights into the mid-summer garden. A magical and productive place.

Join Asthabula Grows! on Zoom this Wednesday at 7pm:

Our garden tour this month will be at the My Neighborhood Collaborative Community Garden next Thursday, July 22, 2021 at Kadon Presidential Park in Ashtabula. 6pm

Support your local farmers – directly – by going to a Farmers’ Market this weekend! Markets are held in Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, Jefferson and North Kingsville.

Check out some classes from Red Beet Row in Jefferson

Upcoming classes include: Off Grid Solar Electricity – July 30 ; Homemade Fertility – Aug 14

Check out local gardening tips, news letter and online resource – Rust Belt Roots‘ Seasonal Gardening by Sarah Brower and Leah Wolfe.

Nasturtium hiding behind cabbage leaves
Instead of avocado I use zucchini – gives the creamy texture – and I usually have some on hand this time of year. Enjoy!