Local Food Guide 2022

2022, 5th Edition, is here!

Now with over 95 farms, many more farmer’s markets and retail venues and educational opportunities, Ashtabula County is becoming a local food movement. Loving our environment and the abundant sustenance it provides is the motivation for sharing these resources with you.

The purpose of the guide is to highlight and showcase local food in Ashtabula county and to make access easier. Entry listings are free for farmers/producers, who live in or sell into the county. The listed entries have color-coded catagories: vegetables & herbs, fruit, honey, maple syrup, eggs and dairy, meat, packaged and other goods and educational services.

We hope that you will share this info with friends, family, colleagues and students who find value in buying and eating local. Have fun with food, your local farmer and friends. Make it an adventure to stop at each and while you are at it, consider visiting some of these farms and venues by bicycle!

Bon appetit!

Message to folks & farms in the previous additions:

If you are listed in the 5th Edition of the Ashtabula County Local Food Guide, please verify information. We are in the process of publishing this updated (2021-2022) version online.  And, we will soon be printing paper copies to distribute broadly throughout the community.

As such, we want to ensure that we are sharing only the most accurate and up-to-date information. To do that, we need your help!  Attached is the current draft of the Guide.  We have updated it to include the new farms we’ve encountered along the way.  And, we’ve included a new retail section to highlight the many local farm markets.

Please take a look at the attached copy of the Ashtabula Local Food Guide and check your farm or market’s entry.  You can submit any updates through our online portal at:  www.go.osu.edu/localfoodguideupdate  Or, if you prefer, you may email them directly to Meghan Davis at meghandavis09@yahoo.com 

Want to be included in the booklet?

Send an email to the above address and we will contact you!