Local Food Guide

2021, 5th Edition, coming soon!

To celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week, we are distributing the 2020 Ashtabula County Local Food Guide. In its 4th year, the purpose of the guide is to highlight the abundance of local food in Ashtabula county and to make access easier. Entry listings are free for farmers/producers, who live in or sell into the county. Wine producers are not included as they have their own marketing through their association.

We promote on-line access to the guide because of a limited budget for paper copies. We have attached a pdf of the guide to this message or you can find at: https://ashtabula.osu.edu/program-areas/community-development/local-foods

We hope that you will share this info with friends, family, colleagues and students who find value in buying and eating local.

Bon appetit!

Interactive Map of Ashtabula County & local farms