Tuesday, April 28 at 6pm – Getting started: overview of the program, “Food security and community resilience,” by Sarah Brower.

Tuesday, May 5 – Getting your garden started: Site selection, soil preparation, indoor seed starting, direct sowing, where to get seeds and seed starts – library, nurseries.

Tuesday, May 12 – Container Gardening/Gardening in Small Spaces, Mental Health Component

Tuesday, May 19 – Transplanting Your Seedlings into the Garden/Companion Planting

Tuesday, May 26 – Garden Check-In and Ask an Expert, share your garden successes and challenges, Local Food Guide

Tuesday, June 2 – Mental Health Component

Tuesday, June 9 – Composting and worm bins

Tuesday, June 23 – What to Do With the Weeds

Tuesday, June 30 – Timebanking: help each other with our gardens, share resources and build community using time credits

Putting Your Garden to Bed

and many more!