Ashtabula Grows! 2021

Hello, Ashtabula Grows Team! We are back on it…another year…a new landscape…

The impetus to start Ashtabula Grows was to build community and resilience during the pandemic. And we did – alongside many many community members who were equally engaged in a similar vision. Every week for 4 months we met online and discussed garden, permaculture, growing, soil in NE Ohio. What a blast!

We have a tentative schedule for this year which includes one virtual class a month and one in-person, out-of-doors-and-into-life farm tour. So, we will be meeting twice a month; one time in person and one time on Zoom.

Virtual Classes : Thursdays at 7pmIn-person farm/garden tours : Thursdays at  6pm
5.20.21 Wild and Cultivated Salad with Sarah Brower and Gallo5.27.21 Picking from your garden and other greens around on E 5th Street in Ashtabula
6.17.21 Dia and mental health/garden therapy7.1.21 Diversion Center in Ashtabula – meet at Key Bank parking lot on Main Street – downtown Ashtabula
7.14.21 Master Gardener Volunteer class WEDNESDAY with Linda Dole7.22.21 Community Garden in Ashtabula
8.19.21 Nancy Gottron of Upscale Eats: on food preservation, dehydration and other fun topics8.26.21 Rose DiGeronimo: fermentation at 1022 Bridge Street in Ashtabula
9.16.21 Cathy Westcott: canning (will be in-person option, as well). Zoom or 1022 Bridge Street, Ashtabula, Oh 440049.23.21 Rose DiGeronimo: farm tour in Cherry Valley
Ashtabula Grows! 2021 schedule