ASHTABULA GROWS! celebrate autumn with us – last session 2021

Learn from the squirrels – save an acorn for later!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. –Audrey Hepburn

Hello, Ashtabula Grows Friends!

This morning while out on a walk I noticed many squirrels running around with nuts in their mouths. It was a great reminder to start planning for winter and maximizing your harvest – or at least, someone else’s local harvest! It’s been an interesting summer and with the full moon and a few days we will gracefully, and not subtly, grow into autumn. Time to enjoy the bounty (and work hard to preserve it).

We will meet at Rose DiGeronimo’s farm in Cherry Valley this Thursday at 6pm. Feel free to bring something to share! If you have never registered for an Ashtabula Grows! event, please click here. Otherwise, you will be receiving our newsletter today and it will have the address included. Thank you!

Let’s get together! We can discuss seed saving and sharing for next season! Also, our friends at Red Beet Row are hosting a class on Seed Exchange at the Jefferson Public Library on Oct 7.

Bring your own bowl and spoon, stories of your garden, seeds or plants to share if you are feeling inspired. Email us at with questions, rsvp and/or directions.

Coming up: At Harbor Gardens, personal chef, Nancy Gottron (and wonderful friend/guest/instructor of Ashtabula Grows) will be leading a class demonstration on Cooking with Herbs. Unleash the magic of herbs! This Friday at 6pm in Ashtabula Harbor. Click here to register and purchase tickets.

Don’t worry if you didn’t grow enough food on your own…let some local farmers fill your basket with home grown goodness! There are a few more weeks of the Ashtabula County Farmers’ Markets – many are going through the second or third week of October. Buy directly from a farmer – our Local Food Guide gives names and addresses of over 80 farms in the county who will sell directly to you!

We look forward to seeing you Thursday at 6pm!

Check out our website at for event announcements, presentations, handouts and the Ashtabula Local Food guide. 

Join us for week long discussion, photos, Q&A on fb: AshtabulaGrows: an online community garden 
Email us at

It’s never too late…or too early!

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