Litchi Tomato does well in Ashtabula. The plant itself is covered with thorns, so it is sometimes used as a hedge plant to discourage animals from wandering into vegetable gardens – tastes great, too!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. –Audrey Hepburn

Hello, friends! 

It’s the beginning of school for the children and it is our last Ashtabula Grows! class of the season. What a hot and dry week. If you were in some parts of the county you may have experienced a little rain but many of us have been pretty dry with just a smattering of rain. We are hoping you, your garden and all living organisms in your garden are thriving (with any pesky insects kept to a minimum). 

Speaking of pests – our last topic of the season will be focusing on pests and pollinators. We have had many photos of weeds, insects, invasives, and some damaging worms on our Ashtabula Grows! facebook group. 

Leah Wolfe, a member of our Ashtabula Local Food team, herbalist, and co-creator of the Trillium Center, is starting up a new group and series called Rust Belt Roots. Her first publication about preserving foods should be out soon and you can find her on fb. This is an exciting effort to continue the discussion of building community resilience and food security. Check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/348621332768499

Get together! We are inviting folks for a garden tour and stone soup experience on Sunday, September 20th at 1pm-3pm. Bring something from your garden to put into the soup (we will cook it on the spot out of doors) and we will have a bowl together! We will be outside and have tables distanced, hand washing stations and bring your mask! Harbor Gardens and Holistic Health is located in Ashtabula. Whether you have come to one class, all classes or are still wondering what all the buzz is about…come join us! 
Bring your own bowl and spoon, stories of your garden, seeds or plants to share if you are feeling inspired! Email us at ashtabulalocalfood@gmail.com with questions, rsvp and/or directions!

Missed a class? Last week we had an opportunity to learn some new recipes and tricks of the trade with Nancy Gottron of Up Scale Eats (straight out of Hartsgrove, OH).  Click here to view all previous classes on Zoom. 

Don’t worry if you didn’t grow enough food on your own…let some local farmers fill your basket with home grown goodness! The 2020 Local food guide is out. Download from our website here. Local farms, farmers markets and more!

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, August 25th at 6pm!

Check out our website at AshtabulaLocalFood.org for class videos, presentations, handouts and the Ashtabula Local Food guide. 
Join us for week long discussion, photos, Q&A on fb: AshtabulaGrows: an online community garden 
Email us at AshtabulaLocalFood@gmail.com

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