Aug 4th – Ashtabula Grows! Tomato pruning and garden tour tonight at 6pm

So, your summer garden is growing! Perhaps you have been overtaken by the joy and bounty to harvest, prepare and share? The summer garden is filled with life and living food and reminds us what homegrown means – more color, more nutrition and more taste! The ratatouille of tomatoes, egg plant, onions, zucchini, with herbs of rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley….straight out of a Pixar/Disney movie (but without the mice).

Building community resilience starts at home and if you are growing a garden…you are already doing it! Seed saving and pruning will help make even more of your garden and ensure that it continues to thrive – through the season and into next year. Join us tonight as Sarah Brower returns this week with special guest, Hope Paluga of Yellow House Farm in Jefferson, to walk us through the summer garden, prune some tomatoes, consider which seeds to save and more!

A sneak peak at pruning tomatoes

Missed a class? Last week we had an opportunity to practice our meditation garden with Dia Fleming of The Connection Center. Click here to view all previous classes.  

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, July 28th at 6pm!

Check out our website at for class videos, presentations, handouts and the Ashtabula Local Food guide. 
Join us for week long discussion, photos, Q&A on fb: AshtabulaGrows: an online community garden 
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