July 28th – Ashtabula Grows! The garden meditation

Have you ever been in the middle of gardening, planting, digging or weeding and you stop and notice your thoughts. Perhaps you are thinking about your to-do list, or what happened this morning at the breakfast table or your ears and head are ringing with the latest news update? It is in those moments it really interesting to just stop and take a look around. You may notice the birds singing, the bees buzzing and if you listen really closely, you may even hear the plants breathing. At this time you may even take a deep breath in and notice the smells of the day. Tomato plants and basil are some of the local favorite smells at this time of year. Taking in your garden, with all your senses helps one to be in the moment now. Clearing your mind and focusing on the present are just a few ways we can reconnect with ourselves and our garden. And then you might notice that that is all that matters – it is the moment.

Dia Flemming of Connections Center returns this week to breathe us through a garden meditation! A chance to reconnect with ourselves, with nature and our community.

How gardening can change your attitude

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We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, July 28th at 6pm!

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