July 14th – Ashtabula Grows! Hugelkultur Beds and Survey

Scruff Le Puff surveys the gardens and is on guard for rodents and other tasty treats

Hello, Friends! 

How does your garden grow? After the loving rain storm of last week we hope your plants are happy, blooming and productive! Here at the harbor garden, there have been peas-in-the-pod breakfasts, raspberry lunches and summer squash salsa tacos for dinner. We hope you are getting to enjoy the sweet summer sun through the bounty of your garden, too! 

We are back on this week with special guests; Mardy Townsend of Windsor to discuss the benefits of Hugelkultur beds and Emily Hall of Medina will be presenting some of the lessons learned in her first year utilizing this dynamic permaculture technique. There has been a lot of excitement around this topic so we hope you will join us! 

Missed a class? Click here to view all previous classes.  

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, July 14th at 6pm!

Check out our website at AshtabulaLocalFood.org for class videos, presentations, handouts and the Ashtabula Local Food guide. 
Join us for week long discussion, photos, Q&A on fb: AshtabulaGrows: an online community garden 
Email us at AshtabulaLocalFood@gmail.com

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