For a change of pace…Timebanking with Ashtabula Grows! 6.30.20 at 6pm

Barbara repurposed her old walker to a tomato stake!
So many tomatoes…so little time (Barbara with walker repurposed as tomato stake)

Join us this Tuesday, June 30th, for a lively discussion on prosperity, growth and abundance! Gallo will be discussing building community resilience through timebanking…how to get what you want and GROW!

Ever thought about an alternative to cash? In a world where we have so much uncertainty, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry so much about cash? Ever thought it would be fun to take a class on cooking, get a massage, plant a bigger garden, plan a water catchment system or build a cob oven or take music/singing classes but did not have enough money to justify these “luxuries?” Are you someone who likes to volunteer? What if your volunteer hours translated into giving AND receiving but did not involve cash? Do you have an elder parent or neighbor who would benefit from some company for social interaction or light house duties but did not have enough cash to pay for it? Want help to make your garden really grow? 

Tonight’s class will be an introduction to timebanking…a means to trade services, skills, knowledge and goods for time. Many communities, worldwide, have used this system to keep loved ones at home, share skills and resources and build tighter neighborhoods. For our gardening purposes, it could be used as a way to receive help in your garden, help canning, caring for plants, processing food, preparing new garden beds, making a compost bin. 

This may be a very new concept for many of us. Join us tonight and check it out! 

Missed last week’s class on WEEDS? Click here to view Leah Wolfe of Trillium Center in Conneaut discuss which weeds to pull and which to use. 

On Timebanking after the financial crisis of 2009.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, June 30th at 6pm!

Check out our website at for class videos, presentations, handouts and the Ashtabula Local Food guide. 
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2 thoughts on “For a change of pace…Timebanking with Ashtabula Grows! 6.30.20 at 6pm

  1. Missed some classes, but caught up online.
    What discussion on survey did you have re. a potluck? i.e.
    Date, place, time, what to bring (food, beverage chair, etc.?)
    Can we bring seeds to share? I have red hot poker seeds from this summer.
    Topic for fall…how to harvest seeds, how to keep long term to stay viable, where to send old varieties of apple seeds, etc.


    1. Catherine, the survey is still open regarding the potluck. We are currently working on a plan that may be more suitable for the time (ie. in the midst of Covid-19). Please fill out the survey if you have not done so already. Seed sharing is definitely on the agenda…we are planning to have a seed-saving class, as well!


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