Tuesday, June 9th at 6pm – Ashtabula Grows! Herbs!

An online home gardening series to build community resilience and food security. Picture of Thai Basil growing, from seed, in Gallo’s Vietnamese and Thai inspired raised bed started a few weeks ago.

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What makes the difference between a decent meal and a fabulous meal? Herbs! It is what distinguishes cultures, culinary acumen and cookbooks for all levels! What brings health and prosperity more than herbs? Oh, yes…the cilantro patch is growing abundantly and I can taste the homemade pico de gallo (hurry up, tomatoes)! Cilantro piled on top of cooked beans (black, pinto, lima, fava, or scarlet runner beans) makes every dish taste like summer. Or, try it chopped and decoratively sprinkled in your favorite noodle with coconut milk soup (can be served cool on a hot day).

And the medicinal remedies continue to line our oral folk tradition. My neighbor George, who has lived in this neighborhood all of his 70+ years just shared an Italian family remedy: at first sign of “cold” or flu; place a few cloves of chopped garlic next to bed and wake up feeling much better and signs of sickness abated. As a nurse practitioner, I can not validate these findings but George’s daughters use this remedy today with continued success!

This week, we are fortunate to have Ashtabula Master Gardener and co-owner of Honey Hollow Herbs, Meghan Davis, join us for some instruction on growing herbs. Many folks have expressed interest in this topic and those who received a free garden kit (provided, with grant Sarah Brower procured, by Pollination Project) know this name well as we included herbs from Meghan’s bounty! We also learned, last week, about some of the protective-against-pests- aspects of herbs.

Miss last week’s class? No worries – click here to view. Class focused on planting your starts, companion planting and some permaculture concepts with John Wright of Red Beet Row and Sarah Brower of Harbor Gardens and Holistic Health. Check out the website: ashtabulalocalfood.org on the “Previous Classes” tab. Or, click here.

Some inspiring ideas about herbs…great for taste, great for body/mind!

See a list of classes that will be coming your way…

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Meghan Davis of Honey Hollow Farms and Ashtabula Master Gardener will join us on Tuesday, June 9th to discuss growing herbs!

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday at 6pm!

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