Tuesday, June 2nd at 6pm – Ashtabula Grows! on planting your starts, companion planting and more!

An online home gardening series to build community resilience and food security. Sandy M’s backyard garden and supervising chickens

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Hello, Ashtabula Grows friends. We sure hope you are finding a way to get your hands dirty and your face sunned this week! A friend was over to our backyard garden this week and asked me, “Gallo, are you trying to become completely self-sufficient and grow all of your own food?” It was a great question and I had to be honest with myself. While that seems like an admirable goal it felt a bit overwhelming. But inspired, I offered that it is a long term goal but one that would be more attainable as part of a team. To be transparent, I do believe that one day we could, as a community, grow enough food that we would not have to rely on imports from California, Florida, and foreign countries. The idea motivates me. Plus we have the land, community, experienced farmers and access to water to do it!

Still on a bean kick and want to learn something new about beans? Or, trying to decide what kind of beans to grow? Check out this comparison chart of lentils and black beans. This is a link to some of the health benefits of beans. Mostly, I am getting excited about sharing recipes and eating what we grow. However, first things first. Tonight, we will have John Wright of Red Beet Row in Jefferson join us to discuss planting your seedlings, companion planting and more! John is from Jefferson, is a permaculturalist and many of you probably have take a class with him on the farm or in one of the local libraries. We are excited to have him as our guest instructor tonight!

Miss last week’s class? No worries – click here to view. Class focused on container gardening and gardening in small spaces, Alice of Ashtabula Master Gardeners joined us and gave some great instruction! You can also find her handouts on our website: ashtabulalocalfood.org on the “Previous Classes” tab. Or, click here.

An inspired way to look at what you grow and some longer term planning

See a list of classes that will be coming your way…

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Mardy Townsend’s hugelkultur bed with cow supervision!

We look forward to seeing you tonight!

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