Tuesday, May 26th at 6pm – Ashtabula Grows! on Container Gardening

An online home gardening series to build community resilience and food security.

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Howdy, friends and neighbors! Somehow we managed to move to full swing summer in the matter of days and the greens are so vibrant! It is one thing the west coast does not have…so many shades of green. They just may be envious! In fact, California just does not have the access to water that we have here, either. In the midst of pandemic – we are in a pretty great spot to thrive.

Many folks tell us that the official first week of planting out of doors is Memorial Day Weekend. Whether you started in March or you are still waiting to be inspired – no worries, you are just in time!

We have been very excited to share with you Tuesday’s class on container gardening. Alice and Meghan of the Ashtabula Master Gardener Volunteers will be joining us for an inspirational discussion on how you can grow food in small places.

Did you miss last week’s class on Soils of Ashtabula? No worries – click here to view.

Not sure where to start? Here is a quick plug for the favorite annual – beans! (The one plant everyone can be growing for food security)

See a list of classes that will be coming your way…

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Nasturtium – flowers are gorgeous, spicy, nutritious and great to eat in your salad!

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