Ashtabula Grows! Tuesday, May 12 at 6pm

Mental Health Check In…how are you doing? What is inspiring you this week? 

selling herbs at market
The Promise of Spring and Summer Harvest!

Hello, Ashtabula Grows!

What a week of surprise…Snow, more local cases of COVID-19, and, most importantly, even more reasons to be thankful for living on The Great Lake Erie! Perhaps we could use a mental health day.

At this point we have discussed the overall vision – improving community resilience and food security. We all know one thing; there is no guarantee of  what tomorrow brings. Being as prepared as we can – as a community – will help alleviate undue stress and maybe even bring us closer as a community. There are some other positives – what is one that works for you right now?

Sarah Brower had the virtual floor last week and spent time devoted to plants, seed starting indoors and outdoors. Gifted in many ways, we have heard from several of you that you would like some time to digest this new material and ask more questions!

This week will be a week of reflection of what you have been up to, so far. We will do some small group questions, polls and we have a very engaged instructor this week to guide us through mental health through gardening. Check out Dierdre Fleming’s bio! 

Videos from last week’s class are up!

Part one: Welcome and Sarah Brower on Seed Starting – indoors 

Part two: How-to and Garden Tour 

Please note: OSU disclaimer – some content may not be part of the OSU guidelines to best garden practice.

We will also be discussing the garden kits! If you have been to two or more classes, learn how you can receive your garden kit this week!  If you are unable to attend tonight’s meeting but have been to two classes, email us and we will get you the instructions for kit…

IMG-6037 (1)

“Sometimes we have to soak ourselves in the tears and fears of the past to water our future gardens.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Have a question or having any trouble with Zoom? Please email us at


One thought on “Ashtabula Grows! Tuesday, May 12 at 6pm

  1. what are the cute little cake pops ?  tootsie roll pops ?  i want to grow them !!  do i need seeds or starts ?   


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